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Happy Birthday, Will!

Happy Birthday 2nd Birthday, Sweet Angel. We continue to miss you each and every day. Thank you for giving us the inspiration to carry on and allow the legacy of Brave Will to continue to change people’s lives.

Be brave, be strong…we love and will never forget you.

July is Spare Change Month

During the 2009-10 school year, many kids were busy doing homework, playing a sport, taking music lessons, etc.  During this time, Will’s cousin Aubrie was not only doing those things, but also adjusting to living in a new state, making new friends, and figuring out what 7th grade was all about.  She, like many others, have been touched by Will.  Being in a new school, she felt strongly about getting Will’s story and message out to her classmates.  After speaking with her principal, she started a coin drive.  Aubrie took the time to go to each class, speak about Will and ask for any spare change that her classmates could donate.  We are thrilled to report that this winter Aubrie collected over $100.  Her incredible effort not only helped our foundation, but earned her “Kid of the Week” on B95.5.

During Will’s illness, Tammy’s hairdresser held a cut-a-thon.  Her daughter Lydia (then 6) invited friends over to make jewelry and baked goods.  At the cut-a-thon, Lydia and her friends sold their items and gave the money to our family to help with Will’s battle with cancer.  After Will passed, Lydia, like all of us, tried to figure out how to keep Will’s memory and spirit alive.  Lydia and her family go to camp every weekend and like Aubrie, she wanted her new friends to know about Will.  With the help of her family and other families and children at the camp, Lydia organized a bake sale on Memorial Day weekend.  She raised over $150 for the Brave Will Foundation.  She too has been a “Kid of the Week” on B95.5.

Matt and I are overwhelmed with the generosity from all of you, yet we are in awe of these children.  We feel so lucky to know these children will someday grow up and be a part of our foundation in helping to keep the legacy of Will going. It is efforts like these that inspire us to keep pushing forward with our mission to achieve the goals we have set. Truly, every dollar, every cent makes a difference.

The stories of Aubrie and Lydia have inspired us to make the month of July, “Spare Change month”. There are over 500 people subscribed to this website and another 1300 people following us on Facebook. What if all of us gave up that trip to Dunkin’ Donuts one morning or had dinner at home instead of going out and took that money that was saved and donated it to the foundation to help support those children that are battling every day at the hospital? Maybe your children can collect their change like Aubrie did to make a one-time donation in memory of Will.

We aren’t looking for anyone to donate more than they can afford–in fact, we insist that you don’t. We are limiting donations to either $5, $10, $15, or $20. If everyone who has followed Will’s story and the work of our foundation donated just $5 this month, we would have a very successful fundraiser.

Will’s would have been two-years-old this month on July 14th and I can’t think of any better way to celebrate his birthday than to continue to try and keep his memory alive through the endless generosity of so many people.

We have created a special Spare Change Fundraiser page on our website. On that page, you’ll find a menu that you can use to choose your donation amount and a button to complete your payment information. We will keep this page up and running through July 31st.

Please forward this on to anyone who might be interested in putting a little aside this month for a worthy cause. Thank you for your support and of course, remember to celebrate Will Power!