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In memory of Will Hladun, our “Brave Will”, on the third anniversary of his passing…

…still can’t believe it’s been three years since we last held you in our arms
…still keeping your legacy alive
…still trying to make sense of it all
…still broken-hearted
…still hoping to see you again some day
…still doing everything we can to help other kids that are fighting like you did
…still wondering what life would be like today
…still so thankful for every moment we got to spend with you
…still stopping in our tracks whenever we see a picture of you
…still so proud of what you are still accomplishing
…still trying to picture what you would look like today
…still so alive in our hearts and minds
…still cherishing the memories that we had together
…still hate cancer
…still feel a little emptiness inside
…still searching for that reason and still think there’s one to be found
…still pushing on in your honor
…still happy to have two amazing boys here who remind us how lucky we are to be parents
…still wish you were here
…still missing you every day
…still trying to be brave
…still trying to be strong
…still forever loving you

Vote for the Brave Will Foundation

The Brave Will Foundation has an opportunity to obtain $1,000 from a local accounting agency as part of their 20th anniversary charitable giveaway. The foundation has submitted our SOAR program for consideration for receiving this contribution from Hedley & Co., PLLC. Our hope is that the $1000 will allow us to continue to build our SOAR program and support another family in 2012.

During the month of February, you can vote for the Brave Will Foundation as a recipient. You only need to vote once for the entire month and can only place one vote per e-mail address.
To vote, follow the steps below:

2. Click the register link
3. Enter a username and type your e-mail address and click the Register button
4. Check your e-mail for a message from Hedley & Co. that will contain your password
5. Copy your password and click on the link in the e-mail to go to the voting page
6. Type your username and password on the voting page and click “Log In”
7. Find the Brave Will Foundation on the list (a little more than halfway down on the list) and click the button next to our name
8. Click the Vote button on the bottom to submit your vote

Thank you for your support!