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Every Child Deserves to be a Kid

On a hot July day, what better way to spend the afternoon than eating ice cream sundaes? We were again thrilled to be able to host an ice cream social at the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center. It was a chance for the children who are battling illness, injury, and disease to just enjoy being a “normal” kid for a few minutes as they indulged in ice cream and a make-your-own sundae bar. It was also a way to say thank you to the hospital staff for the care they provided our family and the countless other families who pass through those doors. Fifteen gallons of ice cream and enough toppings to make Ben&Jerry’s blush later, we are happy to report it that the event was a great success.

For us, it was a chance to go back to a place where we got to spend more time with Will than any other location on earth. It is the one location that we feel closer to Will than all others. The event also gives us a chance to reunite with the doctors, nurses, and staff that we grew so close to during our time there and have continued to maintain relationships with over the last three years. Finally, with Will’s birthday just three days away, the ice cream social allows us an opportunity to have the birthday party we never got to have with Will. It brings us so much joy to see the kids there smiling and laughing and forgot about why they were there, if even for a moment.

Lastly, the event has also been an opportunity for the Foundation to give back to the hospital, not just in the manual labor of scooping ice cream and spraying whip cream. We also use this event to make our annual donation to the Journeys pediatric palliative care program at Albany Med. Once again, we are ecstatic to announce that we were able to donate $25,000 to support this amazing program that does so much to support children who are battling unimaginable circumstances. These children are already receiving wonderful medical care at the hospital. However, the Journeys program does so much more to provide the emotional, social, and spiritual care needed to help not only the child, but the parents, siblings, and entire family live every day to its fullest with no regrets. We are proud of what we they have accomplished in such a short amount of time and are proud to support them every year.