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Happy Holidays from the Brave Will Foundation

During this holiday season so many people are so generous when it comes to helping those in need. However, some tend to forget that those in need, are in need all year long. Back in September when many children were picking out everything they wanted for back to school clothes and supplies a middle school girl named Emma had other things on her mind. She decided that she didn’t need any gifts for her birthday, instead she asked all guests to make a donation to The Brave Will Foundation. Matt and I were so thankful, impressed, and speechless when presented with the checks. When we finally were able to meet Emma I couldn’t thank her enough. Not just for the donation, but for being a role model to my children and the countless others that we have told!

Thanks to Emma, other groups in our community, all of you attending our fundraisers and so many others we are able to help families in need all year long. As always we hope there is an end to all childhood illnesses, but until then we are so thankful that you continue to support us.

As we look to 2013 we will once again look to you for support. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.