A Year to Pause

In 2010, the Brave Will Foundation started as a tribute to our son Will. The loss of our son left such a void in our lives, we desperately sought out a way to steer our tragedy into something positive. Our belief at that time, and still today, is that any child and family facing unimaginable obstacles deserve every opportunity to live their lives to the fullest…We simply wanted to be the catalyst to provide hope for them.

Since that time, our story has been joined by so many other stories. We have watched in awe as Will Power has spread to so many parts of our region. Children and families have made the most of every month, every day and every minute they spend together. What was once the story of a little baby boy is now the story of hundreds of children fighting each and every day. Their stories are representative of the Brave Will Foundation and the goals we continue to seek.

Your support has allowed this foundation to achieve so much in such a short amount of time. Never, in our wildest imagination, could we have envisioned accomplishing what we have successfully attained in just seven years…And it’s all because of all of you. You have driven the Brave Will Foundation to heights never dreamed. You have motivated us to be in a position where we would never have to say “No” and we never have.

But now is a time to pause and reflect. We have been moving so fast for the past seven years, we need to catch our breath and think about what is next for the Brave Will Foundation. To that end, we have decided to not host An Evening of Will Power in 2017. Instead, we will take the year to look back on all that has been done and look forward to what is left to accomplish. This is the not the end of our foundation. We will still be fundraising throughout the year, albeit more passively than actively. We hope that in lieu of buying tickets, new dresses and raffle tickets this year, you will consider making a donation instead to allow us to continue supporting children in need throughout the year.

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